Saturday, December 5, 2009

In the beginning...

Blogging is something that I've stepped away from for a while now, along with many of the other things I use to do. I've taken the past 18 months to not write, not create, not stress myself out by what I produce. For the better part of my life I had done the opposite - been the work-aholic student to whom grades mattered more than her next meal. I needed to get away from that, and I have but too far in the opposite direction.

While my time spent in Germany can be remembered in the vast number of emails I sent and the three journals I filled, little has been documented of my time in Korea. Little has been documented of my thoughts as a newly married woman, as a working adult, as a person who is no longer defined by the letters portioned out by teachers for random school assignments.

My goal is to now find a decent middle ground, one that allows me to create, learn, and think without become a stressed mess. I am in a state where I can and am reevaluating my priorities in all areas of my life. In this time I ask for prayer, though I know that so many of you already keep Josh and me in your daily talks with God. But I also hope to use this blog as a form of accountability. As I blog, I create. As I blog, I am given an outlet to evaluate where I am in life and where I'm going. So follow me if you will - or don't. I'll still write.

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